The following sample letter is merely intended as a guide that includes major points to raise with your legislator. It would be best to use your own words.

[Sen. or Rep.] NAME

Dear [Sen. or Rep.]

I am writing to urge you to restore freedom of choice in medical care to all Americans. In recent years the ability of patients, in consultation with their licensed medical practitioner, to decide the course of medical treatment that best suits their individual needs has steadily eroded. The result has been escalating costs and a loss of the most precious personal freedom: the freedom to determine what medical treatment you may employ.

Doctors who wish to comply with their patients desire to employ innovative or alternative health care therapies are often afraid to do so, concerned that they might be liable for sanctions under "standard of care" guidelines that are established by and for "Big Medicine." Patients who wish to pursue alternative health therapies find that they too may be liable for prosecution by a federal regulatory establishment that is more concerned with bureaucratic requirements than actual medical benefit.

As adults and citizens of a free society, every American should have the right to accept or decline any medical therapy as they see fit. It is their health that is at issue. It is their bodies that will be subjected to the therapies. It is their freedom that is at stake.

It is time that Congress acts to protect the rights of every American to make crucial health care decisions. It is time that legislation be enacted that places the authority to determine what medical therapies an individual may use in the hands of that individual. It is time to break the death grip of organized medicine on our most precious right.

I urge you to act today to restore our freedom of choice in health care.