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Every authoritative aloe vera researcher who has analyzed the Pulse Study on AIDS patients has concluded that its results were positive for the use of acemannan in the treatment of AIDS.

The State's Critique of The Pulse and Plaskett Papers

By Kathleen Deoul

The Pulse Study:

Every authoritative aloe vera researcher who has analyzed the Pulse Study on AIDS patients has concluded that its results were positive for the use of acemannan in the treatment of AIDS. The only doctor who is critical of this study is Dr. Gallant, who knows nothing about aloe vera, how aloe vera affects the immune system or how aloe vera works in conjunction with nucleoside treatments on AIDS patients. Dr. Gallant’s bias against alternative treatments was evident throughout his advocate-style testimony. Dr. Gallant’s testimony on his substantive interpretation of the Pulse or other AIDS studies must be disregarded since he, like Dr. Humphrey, was unqualified to make such an analysis given his total lack of knowledge of aloe vera, its components and its effect on the human body.5 Dr. Gallant’s testimony stands for only one thing. It is his opinion that unless you have Phase I-III studies on the use of aloe vera for the treatment of AIDS, any representation concerning the effectiveness of a substance is inappropriate.

Dr. Gallant testified at Tr. 490-91 that sero-conversion by an AIDS patient is detrimental to the patient. Dr. Gallant’s understanding of sero-conversion is erroneous. The Tabler’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 16th Edition, defines sero-conversion as “development of evidence of antibody response to a disease or vaccine.” The development of an antibody response to HIV is the most positive thing that can happen to an HIV or AIDS patient. Dr. Pulse described sero-conversion in a positive manner in his letter to Triputics which accompanied the Pulse Study (S56b). Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary, 25th Edition, defines sero-conversion as “the development of antibodies in response to the administration of a vaccine”. The development of antibodies to fight a disease stimulated by a vaccine or by an immune stimulant such as aloe vera is a good thing, notwithstanding Dr. Gallant’s testimony to the contrary.

State’s Finding of Fact ¶ 38e regurgitates Dr. Gallant’s testimony that coating T-cells with aloe vera would be detrimental to AIDS patients. This opinion by Dr. Gallant is comparable to Dr. Humphrey’s testimony concerning S56r on the growth of cancer cells treated with aloe gel in a petri dish. Dr. Gallant’s statement reflects the depth of his lack of understanding of what aloe vera is and how it works. His testimony on this subject ignores the entire body of science establishing the mechanism by which aloe vera creates a proliferation of healthy T-cells, which in turn destroy unhealthy T-cells, resulting in an increase in the population of healthy T-cells. Dr. Gallant was not qualified to render opinions concerning what aloe vera could or could not do in the human body and how it effects cells. He knows nothing about it. His, like Dr. Humphrey’s testimony interpreting aloe vera research papers and the effect of aloe on the body, must be disregarded.

The State could have obtained a witness to critique Hoffman’s published paper on his AIDS research. It elected not to do so. Hoffman’s paper, reported and published with other research papers presented at the Proceeding of International Seminar on Holistic Management of Cancer in Pune, India, substantiated the effectiveness of T-Up in strengthening the immune system by increasing the number of T-cells in individuals with HIV. That study demonstrated that 14 out of 15 of the individuals who continued to take T-Up during the course of the entire study showed marked increases in their T-cell counts. The results of Hoffman’s research were corroborated by Mr. A in his affidavit and by the testimony of Gus Parodi.

Further, the State could not impugn the testimony of Charles Ramsburg, an HIV positive 25 year old who testified that he used T-Up to treat his illness for two years. Mr. Ramsburg testified that prior to taking T-Up, he was unable to increase his T-cell count beyond the 200 range. Now that he takes T-Up, he has been able to increase his T-cell count beyond 500 and maintain it. Mr. Ramsburg produced his medical records which corroborated his testimony. Not one of the State’s consumer witnesses produced medical records to corroborate any portion of their testimony.

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