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On September 11th, our nation was subjected to the most devastating attack since Pearl Harbor. In the months that followed, we set aside our petty differences and came together in common cause to defend our freedom. What many of us do not realize, however, is that on September 10th, the day before Osama Bin Laden’s thugs killed thousands in the World Trade Center bombing, another vicious assault on our freedom occurred.

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Imagine a legal system in which the plaintiff also is the judge and the jury. Or imagine a legal system where the defendant in a case decides his/her own guilt or innocence.

Perhaps that is not troubling if you are the plaintiff in the first instance, or the defendant in the second instance. But in truth, the American system of justice is based on impartial review of cases brought by and against citizens of the country or state. The theory underlying that, of course, is that impartial justice cannot be derived from a party who has a direct stake in the outcome. At least that is what we learned in Civics classes. In fact, the reality is far more troubling.


There is no evidence that a single consumer complaint was ever filed with the State concerning the efficacy of T-Up's products or any representations made by the company.

In fact, the State did not introduce any expert testimony to establish that Respondents' products do not provide precisely the medical benefits represented. Rather, the State acknowledged that its case was focused on whether the literature Respondents provided to the State, which the State provided to its experts, supported the Respondents' representations in the Tape and Brochure.



The Pulse Study:
Every authoritative aloe vera researcher who has analyzed the Pulse Study on AIDS patients has concluded that its results were positive for the use of acemannan in the treatment of AIDS.

The Plaskett Papers:
The State heavily quotes Dr. Plaskett’s statement in his aloe vera and cancer paper that it would be irresponsible to represent that aloe vera is an effective treatment or cure for cancer because of the lack of clinical research.

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