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Cesium - High pH Therapy


Neal's Dosage

Many of you are asking for more information about Neal's personal experience with Cesium - High pH Therapy.

  • How much Cesium did he take?
  • What does the literature indicate?
  • When did he take it?
  • What was his prognosis?

First and foremost, based on personal experience, We urge everyone to seek the counsel of an experienced healthcare professional. Neal was a physicist and an attorney, not a physician.

The following information was of Neal's experience and is not provided for purposes of diagnosis, treatment or prescription. Involve your doctor. The more experience physicians and oncologists have with Cesium the more likely they are to incorporate Cesium into their practice and to recommend the use of Cesium to their colleagues in treating cancer.

Neal utilized the following protocol after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Neal was told, always take Cesium with food!

Neal took three one gram Cesium capsules daily --- one at breakfast, one at dinner, one before bedtime in the evening (with food), for six-weeks. Additionally, I took four - 1000 milligrams Vitamin C tablets daily, one with each gram of Cesium plus the fourth Vitamin C tablet at lunch. Neal also took Zinc (25 - 30 milligrams) at breakfast; plus one "Slo - K" Potassium capsule daily as prescribed by a physician.


  • Cesium (1 gram capsule) plus
  • Vitamin C (1000 milligrams) plus
  • Zinc (25 - 30 milligrams) and one slo k potassium capsule as prescribed by a physician


  • Vitamin C (1000 milligrams)


  • Cesium (1 gram capsule) plus
  • Vitamin C (1000 milligrams)

Before bedtime in the evening

  • Cesium (1 gram capsule) plus
  • Vitamin C (1000 milligrams),
  • after eating 2 slices of bread.

Let us emphasize, Neal was informed that Cesium must always be taken with food. Neal strictly followed that advice throughout his treatment period.

Others who followed the Cesium protocol in treating their cancer informed us that they have taken as much as 6 grams of Cesium daily, adhering to a similar schedule as outlined above and always with food and supplements.

We must point out that at various times during the protocol period, Neal experienced what he described as minor "flu like symptoms." He had read that others taking Cesium experienced tingling sensations around the nose and lips, but he did not.

Let us caution the reader, Neal knew that very large doses of Cesium are used clinically to produce cardiac arrhythmia (increased or erratic heart rates) in animals; therefore it is best to consult a healthcare practitioner before taking Cesium. Do not self-prescribe.

After adhering to the Cesium protocol for a six week period and over subsequent months Neal's PSA dropped from 8.1 to its' current stabilized level at 4.5. At the time of this writing, his most recent blood work and results of a bone scan indicate that he showed no signs of cancer.

Everything Neal has said here is based upon his personal experience and knowledge. Whatever he said is not meant to convey any impression that others should expect the same results that he experienced.

Let us quickly review. Neal was diagnosed with prostate cancer in January 1999. At the time tests indicated that my PSA was 8.1. Subsequent biopsies confirmed the presence of prostate cancer, indicating an aggressive Gleason score at 7. Neal's physician recommended immediate radical surgery. In fact he was so insistent and sure of his authority that he scheduled the procedure. Neal refused. Why?

Neal had financed T-UP, Inc. a company that distributed Cesium, nature's most alkaline mineral and T-UP, a highly concentrated aloe vera liquid. Neal financed T-UP, Inc. firmly believing that these dietary supplements are safe and effective. That's Neal's personal experience. That's the experience of several hundreds of people he knew personally. Kathleen and Neal decided the honest and best decision --- the only decision --- Neal had to do what was best for him. That was to follow the Cesium protocol.

One word of caution --- When people ask about Neal's experience with Cesium, he counseled that before taking an alternative therapy or dietary supplements discuss the decision with a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner. If your physician is negative, find a physician with an open mind. Keep searching until you find a qualified physician who will respect your right to make your own healthcare choices.

We hope this information helps you …

NOTE: A few individuals have read that radioactive Cesium is used by radiologists in conventional cancer treatment and asked whether this is the same as Cesium - High pH Therapy. No, it is not. Cesium - High pH Therapy utilizes only unaltered, naturally occurring, non-radioactive Cesium, in the form of a salt - Cesium chloride.