The Book Washington Does Not Want You To Read. An indictment of Big Medicine and Their Suppression of the Cesium Cancer Therapy.


The Anthrax Vaccine: Hiding The Truth

The Newport News, Virginia, Daily News recently published the results of an investigation into the Pentagon’s Anthrax vaccine program that revealed the stunning and outrageous truth: the Pentagon has been hiding the facts about the vaccine’s dangers for more than a decade!

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Kill The Messenger

Crohn's Disease

Dr. Wakefield’s research revealed something Big Pharma didn’t want to hear – not only was there a possible link between the rising incidence of Crohn’s Disease and the introduction of the combined Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine, it looked like there was a link to autism as well! They concluded that children with regressive autism appeared to have an abnormal immune response to the measles virus. When the results of their study were published in the Journal, Lancet, they were shocked by the reaction.

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The Flu Epidemic: Made In Washington?

Pronouncements from government officials are warning about flu vaccine shortages and the staggering number of deaths caused by the flu each year. Unsurprisingly, the public has responded en masse crowding clinics to get a flu shot and exacerbating the vaccine shortage.

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Unnecessary Risk

PART ONE The events that have followed in the wake of the devastating attack on the World Trade Center two years ago fostered a new appreciation of the sacrifices millions of young Americans make by serving in our Armed Forces. From the desolate mountains of Afghanistan to the burning deserts of the Middle East, hundreds…

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The Anthrax Vaccine: Making Our Soldiers Guinea Pigs

PART ONE Arlington cemetery is a solemn place. Row upon row of white markers stand in silent testimony to the sacrifice that has kept America free. From the desperate winter at Valley Forge to the burning heat of the Kuwaiti desert, citizen-soldiers have placed themselves in harm’s way to defend our nation. They did so…

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