The Book Washington Does Not Want You To Read. An indictment of Big Medicine and Their Suppression of the Cesium Cancer Therapy.

Prescription Drugs

Drug Research: A Corporate Con Job

Over the past half-decade, Americans have reeled under the relentless assault of ever-higher prescription drug costs. For senior citizens – who purchase 42% of all prescription drugs – the burden has been particularly onerous, at times leaving them the untenable choice of either buying food or medicine. But there is more underlying the problem than just higher prices.

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Brave New World?

PART ONE Aldous Huxley’s classic 1932 novel, “Brave New World,” depicted a world where the population was drugged – by the government – drugged to keep it happy and docile. Children were subjected to Pavlovian conditioning from birth to ensure that they conformed to societal norms dictated by 10 “Controllers.”

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Weapons Of Mass Destruction

PART ONE In the years ahead, America will spend countless of billions of dollars to protect the public from the threat of weapons of mass destruction – devices and technologies that can cause tens or even hundreds of thousands of fatalities. Few would argue that these expenditures are unneeded. Yet, even as we spend those…

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Big Pharma’s Dirty Little Secret

A stunning admission from a senior official of the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has vindicated critics of the drug industry. At a London conference last December, Dr. Allen Roses, a senior vice president of GlaxoSmithKline candidly admitted that most prescription drugs work only part of the time, and in many instances less than HALF of the…

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Drugging Our Children

Big Pharma has a new target in its never-ending campaign to create more and more “sick” people so it can generate more and more profits, but this time the target is one that should outrage even the most complacent observer: our children.

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