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Don Wells: Cancer Survivor

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For most people, the news that they have cancer is an emotional body blow, conjuring up visions of unbearable pain and ultimate death. But when Don Wells doctor told him he had prostate cancer, he took the news in stride.

In March of 1999, Don went to his doctor for an annual physical. As is customary with men his age, the physical included a PSA test and prostate exam. The test results were not good. Don had an elevated PSA (5.6) and his doctor had felt an abnormality when she examined his prostate. To be sure, she referred him to a urologist who took five biopsy cores.

The biopsy confirmed the worst: Don had cancer.

Don had known Neal and Kathleen Deoul for years, and had spoken with them frequently about cesium, aloe and the High pH Therapy. They had also discussed the experiences of people who had tried the therapy, and how their results compared with others who had relied on conventional treatment.

Armed with this knowledge, Don knew what he was going to do. He would use cesium and highly concentrated aloe vera to battle the dread disease.

But Don also felt he should let his urologist know what he planned. When he revealed his intentions, he was surprised at the reaction.

The urologist said “There are a lot of things out there that we know can help, but we can’t discuss them because they aren’t approved.”

“You’ve got nothing to lose by trying what you’re trying.” he continued. “If it doesn’t work, you can always go back to more conventional methods.”

With this remarkable expression of support, Don continued his High pH Therapy.

Don would soon discover, however, that the receptive attitude his urologist had shown was the exception rather than the rule.

When Don went back for a follow-up visit he learned that the urologist who had initially treated him had been transferred. His replacement had a very different attitude.

As with his previous urologist, Don wanted to be sure the doctor knew that he was pursuing an alternative therapy. But when he attempted to tell him about the High pH Therapy, his new doctor dismissed it out of hand.

Not even looking up from the lab results he was reading, the urologist scoffed “That can’t possibly work!”

Annoyed at the doctor’s arrogance and condescending attitude, Don asked him what he knew about cesium and cancer or about the High pH Therapy.

Still not looking up from the paperwork he was reading, the doctor admitted he knew nothing about cesium or its use against cancer, but again asserted that it couldn’t work.

That was enough for Don.

Big Medicine always claims that advocates of alternative therapies make assertions that aren’t backed up by factual data. But that was exactly what this doctor was doing. He was asserting that cesium “couldn’t possibly work,” even though he admittedly knew absolutely nothing about it!

But that’s not all.

Included in the sheaf of paperwork and lab results the doctor was studying so intently were the results of Don’s latest blood tests. Had he bothered to look closely he would have discovered that among them were the results of his PSA test, showing it had dropped from 5.6 to 3.9!

The doctor could insist that “it couldn’t work” all he wanted, but the blood tests showed it did!

Thoroughly disgusted with the urologist’s refusal to even consider the evidence right under his nose, Don vowed never to see him again and never has. Fortunately his family doctor was willing to continue monitoring his case.

Over the next several months, Don continued to have his PSA checked regularly. In these tests, it remained within normal limits, rising and falling slightly from time to time.

As the first year anniversary of his diagnosis approached, Don decided to take a four-week course of cesium as a precautionary measure.

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One of the points Neal had always stressed in their conversations was his belief that the cesium therapy was not a “cure.” The reason Neal felt this way was that the cause of prostate cancer was unknown. How could there be a “cure” Neal argued, if you didn’t know the cause, and therefore could not be sure it had been permanently eliminated.

There was sound medical evidence behind Neal’s belief as well.

Even in cases where conventional therapies claimed to have eliminated prostate cancer, it often returned. This fact, Neal believed, was tangible proof of his point.

In March of 2000 Don began his four-week course of cesium. After its completion, he continued to have his PSA tested regularly, and it continued to remain within a normal range.

In October of 2001, however, Don’s PSA was slightly elevated (5.0) and so, in consultation with a new urologist, he decided to have a battery of tests to make sure the cancer had not returned.

Leaving nothing to chance, Don was given a wide range of tests including a CAT scan to make sure any cancer present would be detected. The news was all good.

Despite the slight elevation of his PSA (not uncommon among men over 40) the tests showed conclusively that no cancer remained in Don’s body.

To Don this was a vindication of his insistence on using cesium and aloe rather than conventional therapies to treat his cancer. Especially since he had seen with his own eyes what harm those conventional therapies can do.

A friend of Don’s was diagnosed with prostate cancer at about the same time he learned of his own disease. Don had told his friend about cesium and suggested he consider using it before trying more traditional measures. His friend’s doctor, however, talked him out of trying alternatives warning that they were unproven and that he could die if he failed to follow a conventional course of treatment.

Under enormous pressure from his physician, Don’s friend acquiesced to the demands to go the conventional route and had surgery. Unfortunately, like one in ten men who have prostate surgery, his friend wound up incontinent and now has to wear a diaper for the rest of his life. Had he followed Don’s advice he might not have had to live with this daily embarrassment.

Indeed, while doctors may make patients generally aware of the side effects of conventional treatments, they rarely make clear the likelihood that a particular side effect will occur. To put this in perspective, among men who have prostate surgery:

  • 10% lose control of their bladders and will have to wear a diaper.
  • 22% develop chronic diarrhea.
  • 80% become impotent

For those who choose beam radiation:

  • 4% lose bladder control.
  • 37% develop chronic diarrhea.
  • 63% end up impotent.

But what’s most important: 40% of men who have surgery will have their cancer return!

By choosing the High pH Therapy, Don avoided the prospect of any of these serious side effects.

Today, more than three years after being diagnosed, Don Wells is cancer free. He continues to take highly concentrated aloe vera on a daily basis, and lives a normal, active life. [end]

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