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Kathleen Deoul

Kathleen Deoul


The idea for this book began simply enough: I wanted to tell the story of how my husband Neal ended up in a Baltimore courtroom, singled out for persecution by "Big Medicine" and its allies in "Big Government."

What I never anticipated was that the project would turn into a journey of discovery beyond anything I could have imagined. It has opened my eyes to the crisis facing our nation's health care system. It is not a crisis arising from a lack of money, although money is a central issue. It is not a crisis arising from a lack of effective treatments, although the efficacy of treatments is a central issue. It is not a crisis arising from a lack of government regulation, although government regulation is a central issue. How can it be that these factors lie at the core of the problem and yet are not the cause? The answer to that riddle lay at the end of my journey of discovery.

What I found was that we were not spending too little on health care, we were spending too much! Indeed, we ranked first among all nations in health care spending, but that money wasn't going to improve our well being. It was being diverted to satisfy corporate greed!

An Account of the Truth Uncovered

This book is written from the perspective of someone who has worked in the medical community; someone whose life was touched by cancer and who was a victim of the medical community and the bureaucracy behind it. It is an enlightening view of just what is happening in the medical community and why your doctor may not and probably does not, have your best interest at heart! It uncovers the greed behind big Pharma, and the status quo, who go to great lengths to suppress inexpensive, natural cures for Cancer in lieu of big profits.

Your life may depend on this book!

The first Cancer organization was created by John D. Rockefeller. Is this a hint? Money. This book exposes many of these money mongrels and yet people are dying to believe in Western Medicine, Chemotherapy, radiation and very expensive drugs with scull and crossbones on them. This book is a beginning to your health education. God gave us a brain, His part; our part is to use it! We must take back our government, our health system and our lives. Be a Tiger and fight for your life, not a sheep that surrenders without a flinch.

Exposes the corruption of our healthcare system at the highest level.

This book goes into detail how the FDA goes after people who heal themselves and others through alternative cures for cancer. Why? Because Big Pharma loses money. It's all about money and big profits for the Big Pharma company. Yes, it is "genocide." I would recommend this book to others, but unfortunately, many of my friends and relatives believe conventional doctors are telling them the truth. They would never lie to them.

portrait-Kathleen-Deoul-150x150About Kathleen Deoul

Internationally acclaimed wellness advocate Kathleen B. Deoul founded Cassandra Books. In taking this step, Kathleen hopes to bring her message of health and hope to people all over the world. Full profile