Cancer Cover-Up: Articles

A collection of articles with information concerning cancer and cancer research.


Big Pharma Takes On The Net

By Kathleen Deoul

You don’t have to be an economist to know that health care costs are rising out of control. A visit to your local drug store will tell you one of the main reasons: prescription drug prices. Despite virtually nonexistent inflation rates in the overall economy, prescription drug prices still grew by 15.7% in 2001 and…

Drug Company Ads: Selling A Product Or Selling Out The Public?

By Kathleen Deoul

According to Eli Lily, if you’re a woman, you have a problem and they have the solution. In 2001, Lily began “Direct to Consumer” ads for its drug Sarafem “a new treatment that offers hope for millions of women.” And what was this hope? Was it a cure for breast cancer? Did it offer relief…

The Anthrax Vaccine: Making Our Soldiers Guinea Pigs

By Kathleen Deoul

PART ONE Arlington cemetery is a solemn place. Row upon row of white markers stand in silent testimony to the sacrifice that has kept America free. From the desperate winter at Valley Forge to the burning heat of the Kuwaiti desert, citizen-soldiers have placed themselves in harm’s way to defend our nation. They did so…

Swimming In A Deadly Sea: Awash In Radiation

By Kathleen Deoul

Although it cannot be seen, touched, felt or smelled, radiation is a constant presence in our lives. Some of it occurs naturally, like the cosmic rays that bombard us from space or the ionizing radiation that comes from various elements in the Earth’s crust. But more and more, we are being exposed to radiation that…