Cancer Cover-Up: Articles

A collection of articles with information concerning cancer and cancer research.


Weapons Of Mass Destruction

By Kathleen Deoul

PART ONE In the years ahead, America will spend countless of billions of dollars to protect the public from the threat of weapons of mass destruction – devices and technologies that can cause tens or even hundreds of thousands of fatalities. Few would argue that these expenditures are unneeded. Yet, even as we spend those…

The Unholy Alliance

By Kathleen Deoul

PART ONE There’s a breast cancer epidemic in the United States.Between 180,000 and 200,000 women will fall victim to the disease this year. For about 20% of them, 40,000, the disease will prove fatal.

The Devil’s In The Detail (Men)

By Kathleen Deoul

PART ONE Most Americans are painfully aware of the fact that health care costs are spiraling out of control. Many even understand that the exorbitant cost of prescription drugs is a major factor in the runaway inflation that has afflicted healthcare spending. Few, however, are aware of the role that pharmaceutical sales representatives – called…

The Alternative Answer

By Kathleen Deoul

America’s health care system isn’t working. As we noted, in 2003 Americans spent $1.6 TRILLION on health care -14% of our Gross National Product – delivered by a system that kills 200,000 people a year through adverse drug reactions and medical errors!

Healthcare Quality: Big Medicine’s Big Lie

By Kathleen Deoul

The Medical Establishment likes to brag about the US healthcare system, claiming it’s the best in the world. Considering that in 2003 Americans spent $1.6 Trillion on health care 14% of Gross National Product on health care, it should be! The trouble is that despite the inflated claims of the Medical Establishment and its allies…