Cancer Cover-Up: Articles

A collection of articles with information concerning cancer and cancer research.


Turning Tragedy Into Hope

By Kathleen Deoul
Toxic Waste New orleans Katrina

In the wake of the storm, New Orleans and much of the nearby Gulf Coast was soaked in a toxic sludge so dangerous that in some instances rescue workers had to wear “hazmat” suits and anyone accidentally exposed to the floodwaters was rushed to decontamination stations. Although the bulk of the water has now been eliminated, the toxins left behind may pose a threat for months or even years to come.

Cell Phone Radiation, The Invisible Threat

By Kathleen Deoul
Cell Phone Radiation

From a modest 340,000 subscribers in 1985, cell phone subscriptions expanded to more than 182 million in 2004, and that figure doesn’t count the prepaid units that have become increasingly popular with teenagers. As a result, cell phones are now among the most widely owned electronic devices, ranking ahead of personal computers (122.1 million), and video game consoles (120 million). In fact, there are now more cell phone subscribers than traditional “land line” telephone users (178 million).

Kill The Messenger

By Kathleen Deoul
Crohn's Disease

Dr. Wakefield’s research revealed something Big Pharma didn’t want to hear – not only was there a possible link between the rising incidence of Crohn’s Disease and the introduction of the combined Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine, it looked like there was a link to autism as well! They concluded that children with regressive autism appeared to have an abnormal immune response to the measles virus. When the results of their study were published in the Journal, Lancet, they were shocked by the reaction.

The Autism Epidemic: Is Organized Medicine Hiding The Truth?

By Kathleen Deoul

The Tragedy Of Autism Perhaps the most painful experience any parent can have is the discovery that their child suffers from some type of affliction. As heartbreaking as such a discovery is in any circumstance, for parents of autistic children, the heartbreak can be especially poignant.

Brave New World?

By Kathleen Deoul

PART ONE Aldous Huxley’s classic 1932 novel, “Brave New World,” depicted a world where the population was drugged – by the government – drugged to keep it happy and docile. Children were subjected to Pavlovian conditioning from birth to ensure that they conformed to societal norms dictated by 10 “Controllers.”