Cancer Cover-Up: Articles

A collection of articles with information concerning cancer and cancer research.


They’re Back! Big Pharma’s Obesity Epidemic

By Kathleen Deoul

Big Pharma and its allies in the medical establishment are at it again. They’re playing with the rules to turn healthy people into sick ones by bureaucratic fiat, and use the phony obesity epidemic they create to do surgery on your wallet. If you don’t think they can get away with it, consider what they’ve already accomplished.

The Anthrax Vaccine: Hiding The Truth

By Kathleen Deoul

The Newport News, Virginia, Daily News recently published the results of an investigation into the Pentagon’s Anthrax vaccine program that revealed the stunning and outrageous truth: the Pentagon has been hiding the facts about the vaccine’s dangers for more than a decade!

Are Clinical Trials Breeding Federal Frankenstein’s?

By Kathleen Deoul

PART ONE Most people associate the name Frankenstein with the classic movie monster first made famous by Boris Karloff. Ultimately inspiring some 82 feature films, 11 made for television movies and four television series, Mary Shelly’s gothic tale created one of the most enduring images in literature. But her book “Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus“…

FDA: Out Of Control Bureaucracy Threatens Public Health

By Kathleen Deoul

The Food and Drug Administration exemplifies how Washington bureaucrats can corrupt an otherwise reasonable idea in the blind pursuit of power and influence. Established to protect public health, many FDA actions instead threaten it – largely because the agency has entered into an unholy alliance with the pharmaceutical industry it is supposed to regulate.

Drug Research: A Corporate Con Job

By Kathleen Deoul

Over the past half-decade, Americans have reeled under the relentless assault of ever-higher prescription drug costs. For senior citizens – who purchase 42% of all prescription drugs – the burden has been particularly onerous, at times leaving them the untenable choice of either buying food or medicine. But there is more underlying the problem than just higher prices.