Executive Profile

Kathleen B. Deoul

Kathleen DeoulInternationally acclaimed wellness advocate Kathleen B. Deoul founded Cassandra Books. In taking this step, Kathleen hopes to bring her message of health and hope to people all over the world.

In keeping with this goal, Cassandra Books is highly selective in the titles it chooses for publication, holding them to the highest standards of documentation and accuracy.

We promise that every title Cassandra Books offers will be informative, well written and timely.

As a public service, Cassandra Books also publishes a monthly online newsletter on its website. Each month it will bring you a feature article concerning the most important topics in the area of health and wellness.

In addition, the newsletter will provide summaries of important current articles concerning health issues as well as links to their full texts. From the latest articles in scientific journals to the inside scoop on congressional activity, the Cassandra Books newsletter is the place to find the truth.

Cassandra Books also provides unique opportunities for organizations and individuals to participate in the wellness revolution through its partners programs.

Organizations can become affiliate partners or strategic partners and benefit from sales of Cassandra Books publications and products. Individuals can similarly benefit by joining the Cassandra Corps and becoming warriors in the battle for health freedom!

Cassandra Books is more than just a publishing house. It is the embodiment of a commitment, a commitment to bring the message of hope and health to everyone.

We promise that in the years ahead, it will remain your most reliable source on the latest information concerning health and wellness.