The Book Washington Does Not Want You To Read. An indictment of Big Medicine and Their Suppression of the Cesium Cancer Therapy.

President Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971.
After 30 years and investing more than $50 Billion

Three people are diagnosed with cancer every minute.

One American DIES OF CANCER every minute!

Age adjusted CANCER rates are STILL INCREASING!

Why? Read


and find out!

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Millions of cancer sufferers are being denied their First Amendment right
to learn the full truth about alternative therapies!

When Maryland Attorney General Joseph Curran charged Neal Deoul, alternative cancer therapy financier, with distributing deceptive promotional literature neither side could predict how personal the battles would become -- or how the public would be the loser when it was over.

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The Neal Deoul Story
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Cesium Science

In 1984 Keith Brewer, PhD (Physics) translated Warburg's theories into a practical, cost efficient treatment protocol for cancer. Cesium, a naturally occurring alkaline element has been shown to affect the cancer cell two ways...


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why haven't I heard of cesium as a cancer therapy?
  • I do not understand how the cesium cancer therapy works. Could you explain?
  • What evidence is there that the High pH Therapy works?

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